• What is the energy storage inverter?

    What is the energy storage inverter? This question is relative to many friends want to understand it, because the inverter we all know that the inverter is mainly a DC to AC transformer, it is actually with the converter is a kind of voltage inversion process, then the storage inverter and how is it? Next let the professional Gu Rui Watt storage inverter manufacturers of the editor to give you a detailed explanation of what is the storage inverter it. Energy storage inverter can be said to be the latest generation of inverters on the market today, energy storage, as the name implies, is the conversion of alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) power stored in the battery, when a power failure occurs, the storage inverter will be converted to AC power in the battery for the user to use the DC power to provide users with the grid power and the two-way conversion of the battery between the electrical energy to break through the limitations of the photovoltaic inverter can only be used during the daytime, which is why storage inverter can be used for the user's energy storage. Limitations, which is why the storage inverter itself is more and more popular with the user's important reasons. The main functions and roles of energy storage inverters are introduced. The main function and role of the energy storage inverter is to realise the bidirectional energy transfer between AC grid power and storage battery power, and it is also a kind of bidirectional converter, which can be adapted to a variety of DC energy storage units, such as supercapacitor bank, battery bank, flywheel battery, etc., which can not only quickly and effectively achieve the suppression of distributed power generation systems to achieve the fluctuation of the random power or current, but also increase the power grid's capacity for large-scale renewable energy power ( wind power, photovoltaic), which is the main reason why it is becoming more and more popular among the users. Wind energy, photovoltaic) acceptance capacity, and can accept scheduling instructions, absorb or supplement the peak and valley power of the grid, and provide reactive power, in order to improve the quality of power supply and economic efficiency of the grid. In case of grid failure or blackout, it also has the function of independent network power supply to improve the security of power supply to the load.

  • Off grid 5kW solar power whole  system with battery introduction

    Solar photovoltaic power generation is an important part of new energy and renewable energy. Because it integrates the development and utilization of green renewable energy, improves the ecological environment, and improves people's living conditions, it is considered to be the most promising new energy technology in the world today. , so it is becoming more and more popular among people. There are usually two ways to utilize solar power generation. One is to transmit the power generated by the solar power generation system to the power grid for use by other loads, and when power is needed, power is obtained from the power grid, which is called grid-connected power generation. The other is the so-called independent power generation method that relies on batteries for energy storage. It is mainly used in situations where mains power cannot be reached due to difficulty in setting up lines, and is widely used. The 5KW solar off-grid power generation system is an independent power supply system. The system consists of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic DC cables, photovoltaic brackets, charge controllers, lead-acid batteries, inverters, etc.

  • 100kw solar hybrid system with 480V600AH lifepo4 battery for one hotel in  Rwanda

    The system is for one hotel in Rwanda where the grid doesnot reach. It is composed of 192pcs 450W mono solar panels(16pcs in one string and 12 strings in parallel) 1pc 100kw solar hybrid inverter(maximum pv input power is 120kw, 60kW for one port, two ports) 1 set 480V600AH lifepo4 battery(consist of 2 clusters 480V300AH, each cluster consists of 15 packs and one BMS system box, each pack is 32V300AH) 2pcs pv combiner box(6 inputs, 1 output) cables and other accessories

  • 48v100ah 5kwh lifepo4 battery exported to Cambodia

    recently 100sets 48V100AH Lifepo4 batteries have been exported to Cambodia. The battery is applied in home solar power system, it can be compatiable with a lot of brand inverters such as Victron, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, Luxpower, Sol-ark.

  • 200kW off grid system compatiable with 300kva generator for one hotel in Burkina Faso

    This project is installed in Burkina Faso. It is applied in one hotel where there is no grid connection. The hotel was powered by generator which is noisy and the gasonline cost a lot. Now the owner made his decision to go solar.  He already has 144pcs 250W and 480pcs 150W solar panels, also he has 120pcs 12V200AH lead-acid batteries.  What we provide is 1pc 200kW inverter, 6pcs PV combiner boxes(4 inputs, 1output) and 2pcs 360V200A mppt solar charge controllers. Everything works perfect for the moment.

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