• 100kw solar hybrid system with 480V600AH lifepo4 battery for one hotel in  Rwanda

    The system is for one hotel in Rwanda where the grid doesnot reach. It is composed of 192pcs 450W mono solar panels(16pcs in one string and 12 strings in parallel) 1pc 100kw solar hybrid inverter(maximum pv input power is 120kw, 60kW for one port, two ports) 1 set 480V600AH lifepo4 battery(consist of 2 clusters 480V300AH, each cluster consists of 15 packs and one BMS system box, each pack is 32V300AH) 2pcs pv combiner box(6 inputs, 1 output) cables and other accessories

  • 48v100ah 5kwh lifepo4 battery exported to Cambodia

    recently 100sets 48V100AH Lifepo4 batteries have been exported to Cambodia. The battery is applied in home solar power system, it can be compatiable with a lot of brand inverters such as Victron, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, Luxpower, Sol-ark.

  • 200kW off grid system compatiable with 300kva generator for one hotel in Burkina Faso

    This project is installed in Burkina Faso. It is applied in one hotel where there is no grid connection. The hotel was powered by generator which is noisy and the gasonline cost a lot. Now the owner made his decision to go solar.  He already has 144pcs 250W and 480pcs 150W solar panels, also he has 120pcs 12V200AH lead-acid batteries.  What we provide is 1pc 200kW inverter, 6pcs PV combiner boxes(4 inputs, 1output) and 2pcs 360V200A mppt solar charge controllers. Everything works perfect for the moment.

  • solar carport structure for German client

    The structure is designed to hold 27pcs 400W mono solar panels. The solar panel will be connected to 1pc 10kW three phase on grid inverter to sell electricity.

  • 30kw solar hybrid solar system for Uruguay farm compatiable with generator

    The system is used for one Uruguay farm. The farm was powered by generator which produced a lot of noise and gasonline price almost killed the owner. They finally decided to use our 30kw solar system to replace the generator.  Generator only works as standby during rainy season when sunshine is not good enough. The system is composed of 60pcs 410W mono(10pcs in one string and 6 strings in parallel) 6pcs 5kw solar inverter parallelled to get 30kW, three phase output 12pcs 51.2V100AH rack type lifepo4 battery in parallel

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